Saturday, May 20, 2017

Die Texas Klinik 2

a German language description
of the Cutter to Houston episode 
"It Ain't Bragging If You've Done It"

Shelley's second foray into series TV was via Cutter to Houston in 1983. She starred as Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious surgeon working in the small town of Cutter who wanted to do heart surgery in a big city hospital in Houston, Texas. Her costars were Jim Metzler as Dr. Andy Fenton, a GP who grew up in Cutter and was glad to be home; and Alec Baldwin as Dr. Hal Wexler, a ladies man internist on probation in Cutter for writing unnecessary prescriptions. The series had a short run, but was aired in Germany in 1988 as Die Texas Klinik (The Texas Clinic) when Alec Baldwin was beginning to make a name for himself.