Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pretty-As-A-Picture Package

Shelley in an ad for Etherea and Norell, 1974
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In 1974, Shelley appeared in an ad for Etherea and Norell. It was a promotional ad for the Pretty-As-A-Picture Package offered by Etherea and Norell. Etherea was was a line of hypo-allergenic beauty products developed by Revlon as the company's answer to Estée Lauder's Clinique line. Norell was the fragrance brand of American fashion designer Norman Norell who was the first recipient of the American Fashion Critics' Award which later became known as the Coty Award. Norell was also the first American fashion designer to launch his own perfume line. The promotional package included five Etherea beauty products and a bottle of Norell Spray Cologne. And Shelley was the pretty girl in the ad.