Sunday, August 6, 2017

Autumn Motif

a closeup of Shelley from the cover of the booklet Ponchos Defined, 1971, 
wearing the Autumn Motif poncho

Shelley appeared on many covers during her tenure as a Supermodel. The first cover was on was Glamour magazine in November of 1964. That same month, she also appeared in the cover of Seventeen magazine (with teen Supermodel Coleen Corby). Other covers followed, from major magazines to booklets. In 1971, she appeared on the cover of Ponchos Defined. It was a booklet released by the American Thread Company that featured crochet and knitting patterns Two-for-the-Road (crochet), Country Miss (crochet), Gaucho Poncho (crochet), Autumn Motif (crochet), Set-up ‘71 (knit skirt and poncho) and Caper Coat (knit). Shelley modeled the Autumn Motif and the Two-for-the-Road patterns; and she looked sensational.

Shelley on the cover of the booklet Ponchos Defined, 1971