Sunday, August 6, 2017

One of the Best Celebrity Ads Ever

Shelley and Mel Torme's 1979 Charlie Ad is listed
as one of The 25 Best Celebrity TV Ads Ever by
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Shelley became THE ultimate Charlie Girl in 1976, after the release of her unforgettable commercial which featured Bobby Short singing the jingle. Her exposure as Revlon's quintessential new woman brought her worldwide fame. And then in 1979, she suddenly became a Charlie's Angel. She was now both THE Charlie Girl and a Charlie's Angel; and her fame grew even bigger. It now seemed like she was a celebrity endorser of the brand. Her 1979 Charlie commercial (this time with Mel Torme singing the jingle) appears on's "The 25 Best Celebrity TV Ads Ever". Shelley's impact as THE Charlie Girl was felt all over the world. Many were inspired by the kind of woman she represented - confident, strong, independent - which is why "Shelley Hack, THE Charlie Girl" is an icon in itself.

a bogus 1979 Charlie perfume ad with Shelley sans Santa Claus

Shelley's 1979 Charlie ad with Mel Torme (where she wore an outfit by Sam Originals) never had a corresponding print ad, except a Christmas version of the ad where she was striding that stride with Santa Claus right by her side (which came out in Christmas 1978). Wouldn't it have been great if she had one with just her in that glam outfit?