Saturday, July 9, 2016


the new Charlie's Angels The Complete Series DVD set

Charlie's Angels The Complete Series DVD set will be re-released September 6 this year with new packaging. All five seasons of the eye-popping crime-stopping series will be released by Mill Creek Entertainment in a 20-disc set (down from the 27-disc set released by Sony in 2012.)

screen captures from Charlie's Angels The Original Series

Watch them all again: Sabrina falling in love with the bad guy in "Angel in Love", Jill being chased by the bad guy in "Consenting Adults", Kelly catapulted to the roof of a warehouse in "Angels on Ice", Kris wrestling an alligator in "Winning Is for Losers", Tiffany kicking bad guy butt in "Angels Go Truckin'" and Julie on the hood of the bad guy's getaway car in "Angel in Hiding". All that and more on the DVD release of the classic, ground-breaking 1970s TV series.