Sunday, July 23, 2017

JCPenney Looks A

Shelley in a spread for JCPenney Spring and Summer 1977 catalog

Shelley appeared in many spreads throughout the JCPenney Spring and Summer 1977 catalog. She modeled the many looks the catalog offered for women to look chic for that summer. The Spectator Look, The Active Look and The Sweatered Look were some of the choices women could wear with confidence. And Shelley showed readers how to chicly put them all together.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

In the spread called "The Spectator Look", Shelley modeled the Off-White A-Line Jumper. It was a zip-front slipover dress with spread collars, cap sleeves, horn-shaped pockets and button trimmed pocket flaps on the chest. It came with a self-fabric belt that could be closed with a D-ring. For footwear, she wore the Two-Toe Spectator-Style shoes in red and bone. A colorful scarf, matching day clutch and Venetian Glass jewelry finished her look. And her scent for the outfit? What else, Charlie Concentrated Spray Cologne.