Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sorry to Shelley

a writeup about Shelley, 1987

When an actress (or actor) is doing a TV series, many things are usually written about her, good and bad, true and untrue. It just comes with the territory.Some actresses feel the need to set the record straight, while others just let the whole thing pass. Shelley would always just let things blow over. She always was the type who'd rather focus on the good things she got out of something and then move on. It was reported in 1987 that colors that could and couldn't be worn on the set of her TV series Jack and Mike was determined by Shelley alone. A week later an apology was made when a seasoned movie extra said Shelley got a bum rap the week before, because it was the set decorator who made those determinations. Shelley kept mum and let just things blow over.