Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sweaters with a Tweed-Look

a closeup of Shelley from a Sears Fall and Winter 1974 catalog spread

Shelley appeared in various spread throughout Sears Fall and Winter 1974 catalog. In the spread called "Tweed-Look Sweaters to Put Together with Shirt, Pants and Skirt", she wore a layered look that was perfect for that fashion season. She wore a cream-colored shirt over a a pair of cinnamon-colored pants with flared legs. Over the shirt she wore a black and cream tweed-look knit pullover with a U-neckline; and over that she wore a tweed-look knit cardigan in cream, cinnamon and black. Matching hose and footwear finished her look. Shelley looked sophisticated and ready for the coming cold months.

Shelley in a spread for Sears Fall and Winter 1974 catalog