Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Sporty Charlie Girl

Shelley as THE sporty Charlie Girl
which appeared on the pages of a Spanish mag
(with a photo description in Spanish)

Shelley became THE Charlie Girl in 1976 and quickly catapulted the brand, as well as herself, to iconic status. Her image and the brand became synonymous; and it was felt and loved throughout the entire world. As THE Charlie Girl, Shelley was every woman - from the glamour girl to the young professional to the sporty gal. In one Charlie promo pic, she donned a cute tennis outfit - complete with a racquet, a tennis ball and a visor. It came out in a Spanish language mag with a Spanish caption that roughly translates as:

Shelley Hack began her career as a professional model. She later became the face of the immensely popular Charlie perfume by Revlon. She is embodies the brands image of being young and dynamic and sporty.

a closeup of Shelley's sporty Charlie Girl pic