Sunday, October 23, 2016

Angel Hunt

a tabloid writeup about Charlie's Angels in August of 1979

Shelley joined the cast of Charlie's Angels in 1979; and the second episode she filmed for the series  was "Angel Hunt". Filmed in August of that year, parts of it were shot on location at Zuma Beach in California (where the paparazzi and fans had a field day taking snaps of the Angels as they were filming). As mentioned in Mike Pingel's Book Channel Surfing: Charlie's Angels, in the scene where she was up a tree, Shelley remembers being left up that tree when the whole crew broke for lunch (How could they do that?). And in the scene where she fell into the water, she swallowed some of it was given a hepatitis shot. Shelley had a one-year contract with a four-year option. She said on TV Tales: Charlie's Angels in 2002 that she never expected to be in the show for more than a year, so she did her year and moved on.