Sunday, October 16, 2016

Shelley and Babe

Shelley with her youngest sister Babe in a spread for Good Housekeeping, 1983

Shelley appeared in a spread called "29 All-Star Hairstyles: Modeled by Celebrities and Their Sisters" which appeared in the August 1983 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.Shelley appeared with her youngest sister, Babe, in the spread. The other siblings were Deborah and Judy Raffin, Morgan Fairchild and Cathryn Hartt, and Dr. Joyce Brothers and Elaine Goldsmith.

The hairstyles Shelley and Babe wore on the spread

Shelley and Babes modeled the latest looks for hair that year. Shelley wore the Short-Hair Look, the Casual Chic, the Classic Upsweep and the Breezy; while Babe wore the Contemporary Gibson, the Luxurious Waves and the French-Braid Chignon.

Shelley in the latest hairstyles for 1983

Babe was a teenager at the time, a high-school student in Boston, and Shelley was a busy actress that year. She was very active in show-business and had a Martin Scorsese movie already under her belt. She was being noticed by critics for her acting chops - on stage and on the small and big screens. Shelley had finished the TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer and had an upcoming series (Cutter to Houston) scheduled for the fall.