Friday, January 16, 2015

Diagnosis: Great Work

Shelley in the Diagnosis Murder episode "Looks Can Kill"

Shelley guest-starred in the TV series Diagnosis Murder back in 1997, during its 5th season. In the episode "Looks Can Kill," she played Dr. Elaine Denell, a prominent plastic surgeon accused of malpractice. The series was headlined by Dick Van Dyke. The two had worked together in the past (14 years in the past, 1983) in the telefilm Found Money.

Shelley in Diagnosis Murder season 5

Shelley's performance in the episode was just great. She was a seasoned performer by then and it showed. The part fit her to a T; and she knew what to do with her character. This was one of Shelley's last TV appearances. Let's hope she finds the right vehicle again soon, so we can see more of this fabulous Angel. As for this performance, "Great Work, girl."