Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reasons Revealed

Shelley in an article from Semana (Week), 1980

An article about Shelley's dismissal from Charlie's Angels came out in 1980 in the Spanish language magazine Semana (Week). In the portion of the mag called Tele Semana (TV Week), the circumstances of her departure from the show was talked about. Below is a rough translation of the article - plus, what the captions said about the pictures.


In the picture above,
Shelley is clearly taller than her co-stars in the series.

She's Too Tall, Too Bland and Didn't Bond
Angel Shelley Hack (Tiffany) Reveals
The Reasons for Her Dismissal

With the exception of Jaclyn Smith, who has played Kelly Garrett since the beginning of the series, the cast changes in Charlie's Angels seem to be an ongoing thing. Yes, Shelley Hack, highly-publicized as Kate Jackson's replacement last season, is leaving the show at the request of one of the series' directors, it was recently reported. Shelley, who was already a Supermodel before she joined the show, was excited about her role in Charlie's Angels and regarded her casting as a great opportunity to finally branch out into acting, a long time dream.

"I have to say goodbye to the show," Shelley sadly revealed, "and I don't have words to describe how I feel." The reasons they gave her came as a surprise, close to saying she wasn't a good enough actress, that she was bland, which she couldn't believe, because she was encouraged to try acting in films and television by Woody Allen himself. Her dismissal, oddly enough, was primarily because "her character didn't bond with the others." In the opinion of the producers, there was no chemistry between the girls. It's fundamental, according to them, so that no one tries to outdo or overshadow the other girls.

Another reason, apparently, was Shelley's height, which is several centimeters more than Jaclyn's, but more importantly, than Cheryl's, who is the biggest star of the show right now. But even before the scandal broke out about the reasons for her dismissal, the producers added another one. "Shelley should just return to fashion modeling," they said, "she's not worth it as an actress."

Because she finished shooting them last year, Shelley will continue to appear in the next few episodes of the series. However, it's not clear whether the producers will hire another Angel or will continue with just Jaclyn and Cheryl, who, by the way, are getting tired of Charlie's Angels. Insiders now think the much beloved series is jinxed and is likely to experience even more mishaps which could result in its cancellation.

Shelley Hack recently said goodbye to Charlies Angels.


Well, I guess they needed a scapegoat to explain the dip in the ratings that season. During its first season, Charlie's Angels finished at no. 5 over all in the ratings. Then it went up to no. 4 the second season. Then it dipped significantly to no. 12 by the third season. Shelley's season finished at no. 18 (tied with Chips.) Although the ratings didn't go up,  the series was still within TV's top 20 shows that year (That's why people remember Shelley and her episodes.) Now was it fair to blame her for the dip? She wasn't given much to say or do during the first half of season 4, right? And that's when the dipping started, right? Also, what's the reason for the significant dip of season 3 anyway? Hmmm...