Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hollywood's New "It Girl"

"Who is going to take over Kate Jackson's slot in the hit TV series Charlie's Angels?" That was the question in everyone's mind in 1979. Many auditioned for the role of Tiffany Welles, Charlie's newest Angel. Cristina Ferrare, Deborah Shelton, Dian Parkinson, Catherine Bach and Michelle Pfeiffer were some of the beautiful women considered for the role. But Spelling-Goldberg wanted to bring in someone different, a new kind of Angel.

In May of 1979, news came out that Bond Girl Barbara Bach got the role. Articles and pictures of the lovely Miss Bach were immediately splashed all over every newspaper and magazine. Even David Doyle, who played John Bosley in the series, thought she got it and began reading up on his new co-star. But the news turned out to be false. The leading contenders were actually Flying High's Connie Selleca and THE Charlie Girl Shelley Hack.

In June of 1979, it was announced. The new Angel had really been cast; and Charlie Girl Shelley Hack won the role of Tiff Welles. She was going to be Charlie's classiest and most educated Angel. Shelley was hounded by the paparazzi from then on. She was Hollywood's newest "it girl" and she appeared in virtually every newspaper and magazine around the world.