Saturday, April 4, 2015

Promo with All the Angels

Shelley with Nolan Miller and a couple of stylists 
discussing her wardrobe for Charlie's Angel Tiffany Welles 

A promo for Charlie's Angels The Original Series has been posted in YouTube. It's for a 2015 airing of the show; and it's very nice to see that this time, all the Angels have been included in the promo. Yes, ALL the Angels, including Shelley and Tanya Roberts. Many promos in the past have always forgotten to include Charlie's two other fabulous Angels, so it's refreshing to see the two included - which is as it should be because both have their share of fans as well. Now let's see if that long-awaited reunion with ALL the Angels (sans Farrah Fawcett, of course) will finally happen. What a treat for all the fans that would be.

Thanks to Kenneth Byrd for posting this on YouTube
WGN Charlie's Angels Promo
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