Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reversible Skirt 2

Shelley modeled the poster print/linen weave reversible skirt
for Family Circle magazine, October 1974

Shelley appeared on the pages of Family Circle magazine's October 1974 issue. She was part of a spread that featured Reversible Skirts that were designed by Gene Morin. She modeled a couple of the now classic skirt that could be worn either side out. In one, she modeled the poster print/linen weave version that was mid-calf in length. The skirt gathered at the waist, giving it a fuller and softer look. It gave the wearer two chic, casual daytime looks. Extra fabric could be made into a matching reversible scarf and even possibly a matching blouse. Shelley looked fresh as always in both looks.

close-ups of Shelley