Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nobody is Perfect

Shelley in a 1976 spread for Harper's Bazaar

Shelley appeared in a spread for Harper's Bazaar entitled "Nobody is Perfect" in January of 1976. The spread featured five of the most successful models of the era. Aside from Shelley, Veruschka, Serena Rhinelander, Lindy and Karen Bjornson were featured as well. Each model's figure "flaw" was solved with the clever use of fashion tricks - any woman could do it herself. The art of camouflage and highlighting was the suggested way to go.

a closeup of Shelley

Shelley modeled fashions fit for the small-boned or short woman. At 5'8", Shelley was considered "short" in the fashion business, so she was brought in to show women how to make themselves look longer and leaner. One of the outfits she wore was "a loose-cut, but not too big, jumpsuit" by Kay Unger for St. Gillian. The one-piece outfit gave Shelley a longer, leaner look. And might I say, she looked spectacular in it as well.