Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Good Performance

Watch Michael Gardner's review of the film
Thank you to Mike for posting his review on YouTube
Mike's Retro Reviews: Trackdown: Finding The Goodbar Killer (1983)
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Shelley's 1983 TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer was reviewed by Michael Gardner last April 4, 2015 on Mike's Retro Reviews on YouTube. Mike has reviewed a variety of stuff - comic books, TV and big screen features. Thanks very much to Mike for saying good things about Shelley in his review. Here's what he said:

"Even though her brand was badly damaged after her experience with Charlie's Angels, she actually turned in a number of fairly strong supporting performances soon afterwards. She gave a very good performance as a kind of an icy TV critic, icy TV executive in King of Comedy, a film I recommend. And she also gave a fairly strong performance here. And she really does put a lot of effort into it. Obviously, she had a lot more riding on it than George (Segal) here. So obviously, it was important for her to give a good performance; and to Ms. Hack's credit, she does."