Sunday, May 17, 2015

Money Saving Fashions 2

Shelley in a spread for Family Circle magazine, 1978

Shelley appeared in a spread called "Make it Ruffled, Make it Quilted, Make it Smocked, But Make it Print!" which appeared on the pages of Family Circle magazine in February of 1978 as part of the mag's Moneysaver Coupons Promo. If readers wanted to sew the clothes she modeled, they could get a 15% discount on printed fabrics and matching trims with the coupon provided by the magazine. Several fabric stores spread throughout the US participated in the promo.

Shelley modeling springs newest skirt for 1978
and a sexy camisole over a tiered skirt

In one pic, Shelley modeled spring 1978's newest skirt - a quilted, printed and easy-shaped skirt. Wearing the skirt with a blouse and vest in colors picked up from the skirt's print resulted in one sensational outfit. A khaki belt, a pair of khaki open-toed pumps and a cute little bag finished the look; and, of course, Shelley looked sensational in it, as always. In another, she modeled a sexy smocked camisole top in a floral print trimmed with velvet ribbon and buttons. With it, she wore a tiered maxi skirt in two different floral patterns and trimmed with velvet ribbon as well. Shelley was one fabulous floral-fest.

closeups of Shelley from the spread