Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beth and Hal

Shelley Hack and Alec Baldwin in Cutter to Houston, 1983

Shelley's second attempt at series TV was Cutter to Houston in 1983. It was about three doctors working in a fictional Texas town called Cutter. When they came across cases their clinic couldn't handle, they asked for assistance from a big city hospital in Houston, Texas - hence the title. Her co-stars were Jim Metzler, who had won critical acclaim for his work on the movie Tex the year before, and Alec Baldwin, a new and unknown actor at the time. The series had good scripts and had a great cast but, unfortunately, it was cancelled before it could find an audience. Let's hope it's released on DVD soon.

Shelley as surgeon Dr. Beth Gilbert
with Alec as internist Dr. Hal Wexler in Cutter to Houston, 1983