Sunday, January 17, 2016

Million Dollar Model

Shelley appeared on many publicity pics in 1979. She was just cast as the newest Charlie's Angel and she was hounded by the press. One publicity pic of her had the Spanish caption that read, "Como modelo, ha ganado una fortuna y afirman que su sueldo actual llega a mas de un million de dollares" - which would roughly translates to,"As a model, she has made a fortune and her asking price has reached more than a million dollars." Shelley Hack was already a Supermodel when she joined Charlie's Angels - she was one of the biggest earners at The Ford Modeling Agency, the company that represented her. By 1981, Life magazine proclaimed her as one of the million dollar faces in the modeling industy - along with Lauren Hutton, Iman, Karen Graham, Cheryl Tiegs, Christina Ferrare and Margaux Hemingway.