Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shelley on Dallas?

a closeup of the 1980 tidbit about Shelley from Gossip magazine, 1980

A tidbit about Shelley appeared in the October issue of Gossip magazine in 1980. All her fears and apprehensions about joining the cast of Charlie's Angels had come to pass - and she wasn't asked to return for another season. But she didn't really expect to either. On TV Tales: Charlie's Angels in 2002, she said, "I never expected to be there more than a year and I wasn't." After Angels, there were rumors she joined the cast of Dallas and was going to appear on the TV series' three-hour Season 4 opener in November of 1980. But it turned out to be a 2-part opener and Shelley wasn't in sight. It would have been great if she did appear though.

a tidbit on Shelley about her joining the cast of Dallas
appeared in the October 1980 issue of Gossip magazine
which had Tanya Roberts, Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith
on the cover