Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Farm Girl Becomes Charlie's New Angel

Shelley in a writeup for Story magazine, May 1980

The Dutch mag Story featured a writeup on Shelley in May of 1980. It was called "A Farm Girl Becomes Charlie's New Angel" (At the time, Shelley owned a 240-acre farm in New York's Catskills where she would go to let her hair down and wind). It further went "After Kate Jackson was fired, the hunt for a new Charlie's Angel was on. Many candidates came forward, including Margaret Trudeau (the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister) and the actress Barbara Bach. But the role went to Shelley Hack". Many auditioned for the role of Tiffany Welles, but it was Shelley who was cast. According to Aaron Spelling, "We looked at some very well-known actresses in this town. Most of the girls we saw were gorgeous, but they didn't have the right bubble and intelligence." Leonard Goldberg added, "Shelley is a very bright young lady. She knows what's happening. The one thing that stood out was  that she was totally likeable in the tests."

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd
in a promo pic for Charlie's Angels circa 1979