Sunday, August 7, 2016

Charlie in the Netherlands 2

Shelley in a Dutch Charlie perfume ad
for the Story magazine promo contest
Win A Trip To Hollywood

In the Netherlands in May of 1980, Charlie and the Dutch magazine Story organized a contest wherein the winner would win a trip to Hollywood. All anyone had to do was answer the quiz and mail the coupon to the address given. Shelley was currently a Charlie's Angel at the time, so the quiz had something to do with the hit TV series. Can you answer the questions?

Charlie's Angels-Quiz
1. To date, how many girls have played Angels on Charlie's Angels?
2. Which one of them was married to Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man)?
3. Who did the newest Angel, Shelley Hack, replace?
4. Who is the only remaining original Angel actress?
5. What are the names of the three Angels currently on TV in the Netherlands?
6. Which Charlie's Angel endorses Revlon Charlie cosmetics?

The more coupons were sent, the more chances participants had of winning.

Shelley in a Dutch Charlie perfume ad
for Story magazine's Mother's Day promo special

And since it was Mother's Day season, the mag also had a promo for the special occasion. A coupon could be cut out by readers and used to purchase a 62 g bottle of Charlie Eau de Cologne Spray at almost half the price. It came in a special "Charlie Makes You A Star" gift box with the Story mag sticker, because all women are stars.

a closeup of Shelley from the Charlie/Story Mother's Day promo ad