Sunday, August 21, 2016

Love Boat Angels

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and guest star Bert Convy
on the set of the Charlie's Angels episode "Love Boat Angels"

Shelley's debut on Charlie's Angels was via the episode "Love Boat Angels". It was a crossover episode with the cast of The Love Boat making cameos on the show. It was partly filmed in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and had Bert Convy, Bo Hopkins and Dick Sargent as special guests. It topped the Nielsen ratings when it was first aired in September 12, 1979 - making everyone conclude that Angels was in for another great season.

Charlie's Angels The Complete Series DVD

Charlie's Angels The Complete Series is being re-released on DVD by Mill Creek Entertainment this coming September. The new box design is a 20-disc set that will contain all the episodes from the original series including "Love Boat Angels" - as well as the entire cast namely:

Kate Jackson as Sabrina Blaylock Duncan
Farrah Fawcett (then Majors) as Jill Munroe
Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett
Cheryl Ladd as Kristine Munroe
Shelley Hack as Tiffany Welles
Tanya Roberts as Julie Rogers
David Doyle as John Bosley
John Forsythe as the voice of Charles "Charlie" Townsend
David Ogden Stiers as Scott Woodville (pilot only)