Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bridesmaids Pics

Pics of Shelley with Audra Lindley and Sela Ward
during the filming of Bridesmaids, 1989

Shelley starred in the delightful telefilm Bridesmaids in 1989. It was about four childhood friends who all come back to their hometown for the wedding of a fifth friend. It starred other TV  legends (aside from Shelley who played Tiffany Welles in Charlie's Angels) such as Audra Lindley (Mrs. Helen Roper, Three's Company), Brooke Adams (Jennifer "Pagan" Trelawney, Lace 1 and 2), Jack Coleman (Steven Carrington, Dynasty, and later Noah Bennet, Heroes) and future TV legend Sela Ward (Teddy Reed, Sisters).