Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Burnoose and a Bonus


A Burnoose

Shelley in an ad that appeared on Harper's Bazaar in 1975

Shelley appeared in an ad for Maharani in 1975. She modeled a posh version of the Burnoose (a hooded cloak in either a coarse woolen or embroidered and even tasseled fabric) that had been restyled into a jacket. It was made with "silken threads in opulent shades of red, purple, emerald and gold - and woven in traditionally brilliant Indian patterns". And of course, it came with a hood (which had a gold silken tassel hanging from its crown). It was great to wear over dresses, pants, skirts and even evening gowns for those cold, windy nights out in the town. And Shelley definitely made it look like fashionable must-have for the season.


and a Bonus

Tanya Roberts in a rare fashion ad
that appeared on Harper's Bazaar in 1975

Shelley's fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts also dabbled in modeling early on. She appeared in several ads and spreads in various fashion magazines. In 1975, she appeared in an ad for Ulla, a mail order catalog. She modeled the Lumberjacket, a restyled black and white check lumberjack shirt which was slimmer and longer, had a curved shirt-tail hem and was satin-lined on the cuffs, neck and shoulders. Tanya looked fab in it.