Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Way is Long, The Way is a Combo

Shelley in a spread for Simplicity School Fashion News, March 1971

Shelley appeared on the pages of Simplicity School Fashion News for Spring/Summer 1971. It was a special portion of the Simplicity Fashion News booklet for March of 1971 and it featured fashions for the busy school girl. Shelley appeared in various parts of the booklet, modeling fun and up-to-the-minute fashions for the young miss. Various skirts, pants, dresses and blouses were featured.

a closeup of Shelley from "The Way is Long" spread

In the spread called "The Way is Long", Shelley modeled a long dress - a fun, feminine dress with a swishy, ankle-length skirt. She wore pattern number 9265, a dress in a dark printed voile fabric that had lace highlights, "leg-o'-mutton sleeves", a high neckline and a long skirt. And Shelley made her sweet, romantic dress a great option for the young misses of 1971.

Shelley on the centerfold of Simplicity School Fashion News, 1971

Shelley also appeared on the centerfold of Simplicity School Fashion News for March of 1971. The centerfold spread was called "The Way is a Combo" and it featured fashion separates that "come and go merrily with a spunky spirit". Shelley modeled pattern number 9288, the "greatest put-on of the season". Done in terrycloth, it had "the split personality" of a long drawstring skirt and a pair of rompers. A pair of flat white leather sandals, a white leather-strapped watch and sunny yellow sunglasses finished her look. The Princess Leia hairdo optional.

a closeup of Shelley from the centerfold